Alright motherfuckers, listen up loud 
Cause there's a new fucking sheriff in town 
And if you're with me, put your hands in the air 
Cause this is a fucking takeover 

What's the matter, crybaby? Are you fucking jealous 
Or are you just pissed off cause you can't upstage us? 
You know we can't be stopped 
Your time has just run out 

You think you're so fucking tough 
as if you started the scene 
You should stop trying so hard 

Maybe if your mind was as open as your mouth, 
You'd understand that regardless of what anyone 
wears, looks like, or sings about, 
we're all the same fucking kids 
Fighting for what we believe in 
And you can never take that away 

Since when did fashion make you part of this crime scene? 
Who gives a fuck if I wear makeup and tight jeans? 
I cant take anymore 
You're all the same with just a different name and different face 
You're so caught up with all the bullshit on myspace 
I can't take anymore 

(Somebody call a tow-truck, cause this is a fucking breakdown!) 

Don't ever fuck with our hearts 
A knife to the throat will leave more than a scar 
Don't ever fuck with our hearts (WOOO!) 
A knife to the throat will leave more than a scar 

(YOU!) On the count of three 
(CAN'T!) Come on 
(KILL!) Everybody now 

I will bury you